Since 2005, we have been providing focused customized sessions, and boutique studio classes, in an encouraging yet non- competitive atmosphere. Our strict attention is on form and function to facilitate more efficient movement patterns. This way, one can fully enjoy life, enhance athletic performance and increase vitality. We provide an amalgam of styles from our talented, certified and creative team. Through concentration and precise flowing exercises, our goal is to heighten the mind, body and spirit so one can carry positive energy throughout the day and to others.


As often as possible, of course! The goal is to have the benefits of Pilates unconsciously melt into everyday life. Usually two to three times per week is ideal for best results, but it can vary from person to person. Laura is happy to help guide you to your ideal fitness regimen according to your goals, health history and current exercise level. Recalculating your “fitness portfolio” periodically is encouraged. Do what you can today to feel and function well in the future.


It is best to wear comfortable clothing but nothing baggy. We strongly recommend wearing socks with sticky grips and Pilates gloves for happy and healthy feet and hands. These items are available for purchase at the studio. Also, please remove street shoes upon entering.

  • The studio is designed to accommodate two sessions at a time.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, customized sessions are 50 minutes in duration and commence at 10 minutes after the hour.
  • If you arrive late, your session will finish at the scheduled time.
  • If you arrive five minutes before your session, please help yourself to water, relax and enjoy some down time on our relaxation deck
  • Sessions must be paid for in advance or on the day of your workout.
  • Please pay your trainer directly.
  • Methods of payment include checks, online payments or Venmo.
  • No refunds, transfers or exchanges; prices are non-negotiable.
  • We are unable to hold standing appointments for those with chronic no shows, late cancels or for clients who travel often.
    • Hours are by appointment only.
    • Booking your appointment in advance will significantly increase your chances of securing your preferred time.
    • Health history forms are required and will be reviewed annually. In some instances, clearance from a medical professional may be required.
  • Please be mindful of the session or class already in progress.
    • Unsupervised exercise is prohibited.
  • Water and towel service is complimentary.
    • Breathing, laughing and smiling IS permitted!

Individual customized sessions are the ultimate Pilates experience. Solo sessions are suitable for any level, especially beginners. The results will be improved posture and alignment, a more youthful appearance and increased body awareness.

Duet Sessions:

Share the benefits of Pilates with a loved one, friend or co-worker by scheduling a duet session. Develop core strength, improve flexibility, and balance.

Trio Sessions:

Have a group of friends with a common goal such as, strengthening the core for a triathlon, preparing your mind and body for a wedding, developing uniform development of the body to feel stronger in your “Power Pose” to ace that interview? Build a sense of community with your friends and schedule a Pilates Trio session and also have some laughs together!

Corporate, Skype and FaceTime Sessions Also Available

Note: Please refer to the scheduling link for more information on the Gotham Boutique Studio Classes.